Passion for Sound
Sound Reel is a Finnish music & sound production company was founded in 2004. The creative team consists three talented composers Tapani Siirtola, Joonas Naskali and Jukka Ruostila, who offer top quality music and sound design for games, films and other media....

The Griffin trailer is out! The Griffin Internet TV series brings alive the fight against cybercrime like no other, presenting a unique way to raise awareness for Internet security issues.

Helsinki, Finland – February 10, 2010: Griffin is a made-for-Internet TV series of fictional episodes about online crime, developed by a web community of enthusiasts on the Wreckamovie platform, in co-operation with Internet operators. F-Secure is supporting the Griffin series by giving its insight into the fight against cybercrime – a real-world battle it has already been waging for more than 20 years. The project is produced by Timo Vuorensola and Essi Suomela.

Joonas Naskali composed the music and did the sound design for the trailer.