Passion for Sound
Sound Reel is a Finnish music & sound production company was founded in 2004. The creative team consists three talented composers Tapani Siirtola, Joonas Naskali and Jukka Ruostila, who offer top quality music and sound design for games, films and other media....

"The Beautiful Road to Albinbam" -movie takes place in Finland, where American hitch-hiker girl Annie and restless Finnish boy Mika meet, and soon as they have met they start their journey, a roadtrip without destination across the sunny Finland. During the roadtrip they both escape their pasts and find soulmates from each other. But they both have real lives to face, and they know it has to end at some point. But when? What if they have found the happiness for good? Will they lose it if they go back? Seeking your happiness is the best thing you can do!

Tapani Siirtola is currently composing a soundtrack for this film and Sound Reel does sound design and audio mixing. The film is US/FIN production and is produced by Inspiration Films. The premiere is 5th of March in cinema Studio123.