Passion for Sound
Sound Reel is a Finnish music & sound production company was founded in 2004. The creative team consists three talented composers Tapani Siirtola, Joonas Naskali and Jukka Ruostila, who offer top quality music and sound design for games, films and other media....

Roswell Fighter is a classic arcade shooter with 2D/3D graphics, with aliens, spaceships, retro airplanes – everything a core gamer needs. In addition to this – magnetic vintage atmosphere, with music and style of 50s. The main task in this game is to save the mother earth from aliens invasion. Game controls available in two modes: Accelerometer and Touch controls. Over 30 different enemies to fight, both in air and on the ground. Touch mini-games, that fit smoothly into main gameplay.

Jukka Ruostila and Tapani Siirtola took out their guitars and basses out and played some retro rock n roll for the game music. The game is developed by GameLab.

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