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Posted on 10/18/2009

Minigore: Episode 2 is out.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Mountain Sheep has completed the Episode 2 update for Minigore and it is now available in App Store. Some updates include; Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Tapani Siirtola also made a longer music track for the following updates and completely new music track for future episodes.

More info about the updates and the game at Minigore blog

Some Minigore Music Reviews:

"Your iTunes library is available in-game, but at first you'll want to stick with the awesome, cinematic score. It matches the tone of the game perfectly, with a quirky, dark mood that wouldn't be out of place in the Danny Elfman songbook." Posted by Chris Reed, August 3rd, 2009 at

"Randomly throughout the game, your character will belt out various vocal quips, and the soundtrack has an epic feel to it that significantly boosts the atmosphere of the game." Posted by Eli Hodapp, July 30th, 2009 at

"The first time I played Minigore I was heavily impressed by its graphics and gameplay, it wasn't until my second time playing it that I plugged in my headphones. I was pleasantly astounded." Posted by a Member Radish at

"The audio is also superb. The soundtrack compliments the gameplay perfectly, and the sound effects really pull every other aspect of the game together." Posted by James Piraino, August 26, 2009 at

More comments from gamers and beta testers:

"Words cannot express how well written the extended Episode 1 music is. It's absolutely fantastic! I was seriously in awe when I first heard it. This has seriously got to be the best background music in the whole AppStore."

"The new music is EPIC! It does give a feeling that i'm doing something epic! :P"

"The new music sounds amazing, i feel like I'm sitting in an orchestra!"

"Oh forgot, is there any chance we could get an mp3 of the new music score? it really is amazing."

"I love the music."

"Just played the newest version and I have to give kudos to the music creator for the game. The longer music score is just simply epic. It really sounds like it should be in a movie somewhere."