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Sound Reel is a Finnish music & sound production company was founded in 2004. The creative team consists three talented composers Tapani Siirtola, Joonas Naskali and Jukka Ruostila, who offer top quality music and sound design for games, films and other media....
Posted on 5/14/2009

New iPhone Projects

Currently we are making sound design and music for new iPhone releases. First project is Mountain Sheep's Minigore, which cinematic teaser we composed music. When the video is released, we'll post it here as well. Minigore is survival action game mixed with wacky humor. Mountain Sheep is making a two game series of the game world and the other one is "Hardgore" that is released later this year.

The other game project is called Dicework Puzzle, that is being developed by Dicework Games. Dicework Puzzle is an addictive puzzlegame where you quickly can get in to game mechanics. Sound Reel is designing sounds for the game.

Both games are released sooner or later in Apple's App Store.

Mountain Sheep
| Dicework Games